New Contender: 2018 Ford Expedition & Expedition Max

In mid-2018, Ford’s all new Expedition and Expedition Max came onto the market to go head-to head with GMs Tahoe/Yukon and Suburban/Yukon XL. After years of a mediocre product, the new Expedition came out swinging.  It’s certainly caught the attention of our customers as well, as we have sold more Expeditions in the past several months than we have in the past several years.

So, what’s new? Everything; new sheet metal, all new interior, upgraded drivetrain, steering, and suspension. However, it shares a whole lot from its pick-up truck counter parts, so there is less worry of the first-year model issues. It’s powered by the EcoBoost 3.5L twin-turbo V6 that puts out 375 HP and 470 lb-ft torque (on the Platinum trim level it is tuned to put out 400 HP and 480 lb-ft torque) and is backed by a new 10-speed transmission that is found in the F-150s.  The technology in the Ford is just about unmatched from the simple infotainment and navigation, to safety and towing features, the car can even park itself (kind of).  Some of the features offered also seem to be unmatched, from the panoramic sunroof to 2nd row seats that can give access to 3rd row seats easily even with a car seat in them.

The big question from our clients is “how does it compare to the GM products” since that has been our bread butter for years? Well, there is a lot that goes into it.  There are things on both that are good and bad, but Ford finally has a vehicle that is bringing a lot of clients away from GM.

On the trim levels, Ford offers XLT, Limited, and Platinum. Within the XLT and Limited trims, each have three package levels.  It’s a little tricky to compare apples-to-apples, you have to compare them with certain options within trim levels, but below is as close comparison of some of the more common trim levels we sell.  There are some small differences still, but this gets you close.  You always have us to call to make sense of it all!

Price wise, they are neck and neck, but Ford may arguably have more bang for the buck. The mistake a lot make is thinking the Expedition is more expensive because they compare the Tahoe Premier trim level with the Expedition Platinum trim level (because they are the highest trim level for each) but remember Platinum level is comparable with the Yukon Denali.

In the end, Ford has a full-size SUV that is making an impact in this market. It’s long overdue after having years of an average product that was lacking power and appeal.  Now, to see what GMs next play is!