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Traditionally we have searched out used vehicles for our clients on a per request basis. In our old office we did not have the ability to keep inventory, forcing us to wholesale the high quality vehicles we get on trade from our clients. With our new facility in 2012, we can pick the best to retain for inventory. That said, the majority of our used car business is still a flat-fee based search outside of our own inventory.

Regardless of where we find the car, our primary focus (and claim to fame) is vehicle quality. Our criteria is much more stringent than even the best “certified” programs out there. This adds time (picky on our search) and money (during the make-ready process) but results in a quality vehicle we are certain you will be pleased with. If you’re looking for the cheapest used vehicle, we’re not your place. But if you want top quality at a fair price, you’ve found a new home.

Quality, not quantity

Of course we offer financing and leasing options, top market trade-in values, and our famous quick and simple delivery process.

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