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Most people don’t think about their transmission that often but if your transmission starts to breakdown you’ll be thinking about more often than you like. Your transmission is what allows you to smoothly transition between gears. The most important thing to know about your transmission is that you can’t operate your vehicle without it.

The transmission in your vehicle is easily one of the most complicated components your vehicle needs in order to operate. It’s not like when your air conditioner goes out and you think, I can drive a couple of weeks with the windows down. You need your transmission to drive and most drivers know when it’s their transmission that’s the problem.

Here at Brazelton Auto, we know how to service transmissions. We’ve been servicing transmissions for our loyal customers know that we will provide you with the best options available and won’t waste your time. We know how valuable your vehicle is to you and everyone dreads when their transmission needs to be serviced. That’s why we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, we want to keep our customers informed so they can make the most educated decisions about their vehicles.

Transmission Flush

We do offer preventative maintenance solutions to help prolong the life of your transmission. Your transmission fluid can become contaminated with harmful particulates and debris which may cause components in your transmission to fail. Keeping your transmission fluid clear of dirt, grime and grease will allow it to operate smoothly and efficiently. Otherwise it has to work much harder to perform the same function as time goes on.

So if you’ve been experiencing a stutter between gears, grinding noises when shifting gears or not being able to switch gears all together it’s most likely time to have your car, truck or SUV inspected by a professional mechanic.

Brazelton Auto can help you out no matter if it’s an automatic or a stick shift, we’ve seen it all. Let us be your one stop shop when it comes to your transmission needs.

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