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This is literally where the rubber meets the road and tires are something we take seriously here at Brazelton Auto. We want to help you find the right tires for your vehicle. We have a great selection with everything from speed to durability, so be sure to let us know about your tire needs. We not only know how to select tires we know how to keep them going.

Picking the right tires can also be a matter of looks, so whether you need new tires or just want to update the visual profile of your vehicle be sure to give us a call. You may also need tires that better suit your hobbies. Let us know what you use your vehicle for, whether it is work or play we have the right tires for you!

Flat Tire in Houston, TX

Flat tires are always an inconvenience and you shouldn’t drive forever on your spare tire. Your spare tire should only be used when needed. Anytime you get a flat tire, consider us here at Brazelton Auto, we can help. Some flat tires can even be repaired.

Let us take a look and we’ll be ready to help you out with all your tire related needs.

Tire Maintenance Houston, TX

Our ASE certified techs are up to date on all the methods used to extend tire life, including rotation, alignment and balancing. Each one serves it’s purpose when coming to preserving your tire’s tread. Without tread, your tires would have no traction which can cause it’s own very severe set of problems.

So if you haven’t gotten your tires checked in a while it might be time to have them looked at by one of our professional technicians. While there are several methods to determining whether or not your tire tread is lower than it should be, your tire tread could suffer from a few other maladies. This includes but is not limited to cupping, excessive one­sided wear and any other visible wear that suggests your wheels are either unbalanced or misaligned.

The wear and tear that is caused by your tires being out of balance or misaligned can significantly shorten the life of your tires because the tread might not be effective for much longer.

Feel free to give us a call, drive on into our shop or schedule an appointment for a day and time that is convenient for you!

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