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New vehicle leasing was our initial business back in 2002, and today new vehicles still account for roughly half of our business. We offer flat fees, transparent costs, and turnkey transactions. We work with a number of banks and provide flexible funding options.

If you have a trade-in, we work its value just like we do on the new vehicle. Rather than simply put a bid on it, we additionally have the dealer and a wholesaler put a number on it. This ensures you’re getting top dollar for your old car. And we don’t play games with the numbers, over-allowing or making extra profit from your trade.

Most importantly, we value your time. Instead of spending hours at a traditional dealership, almost all of the transaction is handled by email. When you come in, the docs are ready to go. No surprises; no extra stuff to sell you. So expect to have the documents done within 10 minutes of your arrival. After that, we’ll take as long as needed to show you all the bells and whistles of your new ride.

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